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No matter the size of your event, InBudget can be scaled to meet your needs and ensure success.

Frequently Asked Questions​

InBudget has been developed by event industry experts to develop and automate many of the functions in Excel. InBudget does not involve any advanced formulae – simply enter your event information and the majority of the information will be calculated automatically. InBudget provides a single source of information – a valuable resource in the fast-pace event organisation ecosystem.

InBudget offers a range of plans to suit your needs. Get in touch with us here and we can discuss if a free trial would be suitable.

InBudget contains an extensive help module for our self service customers – videos are currently in development. We also offer managed service plans – get in touch with us here and we can discuss your requirements.
Yes – InBudget has been built by experts with a background ranging from single sport & venue events to some of the biggest in the World, including Olympic Games. InBudget is designed to be suitable in all scenarios.
API integration with common accounting software is currently in development and we will announce when it is ready for release. At the moment, we offer manual integration via an Excel upload – a very simple process.
Of course – InBudget has been designed with the aim of a wide range of access, from director level to individual venue managers. Access can be varied across all user groups as required.
InBudget is perfect for events of all sizes – we recognise that our wide range of features are not all suitable for everyone so get in touch and we can discuss what works for you.