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Inbudget Dashboard
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What is inbudget?

Budgeting for major sport events is unique and complex. Inbudget provides a fully integrated online budgeting and procurement solution designed by major event experts for major events.

  • Detailed budget development
  • Dedicated modules for procurement and event impact analysis
  • Bespoke automated reporting

Reduce costs, 
reduce risk, 
increase confidence.

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inbudget is for
organising committees

Key functionality

Multi-Dimensional Budgeting

From initial event concept to full-scale delivery, choose the right level for you.

dashboard reporting

At a glance view of key financial and non-financial information.

excel integration

Download budget information for Excel analysis, and use Excel to upload information to the software with ease.

ticketing analysis

See detailed Ticketing information across individual Venues and Events and plan Ticketing strategies.

procurement centre

Create bespoke Procurement policies and approval hierarchies for budgetary control.

event impact evaluation

Dashboard view of key Event Impact metrics, including Return on Investment.

contract management

View contracts and contract status by Department and Supplier.

workforce planning

Integrated workforce module providing view of workforce by department and venue.

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